Washington Amateur Communications
Special Services Club

Because of our activity in promoting Amateur Radio, including conducting classes, public demonstrations, emergency preparedness and training, studying technical advancements in radio and mentoring of new and soon-to-be hams, WACOM has earned the designation of Special Service Club from the ARRL.

WACOM Constitution and By-Laws (2015)

     - WACOM membership is open to anyone
     - Annual Dues:
          $20 for individuals
          $10 for each additional family member
     - Download WACOM Membership Form
     - Download ARRL Membership Form
        (send check & completed form to club treasurer)
     - Questions? Contact the WACOM club treasurer.

Membership Meeting
     - 7:30PM, First Thursday of every month
     - See Events page for details

Board of Directors Meeting
     - 7PM, Last Thursday of every month
     - See Events page for details

Mailing Address
     c/o Norma Plants N3YJJ
     236 Chambers Ridge Road
     West Alexander, Pa 15376-2270

     General Club Correspondence; wa3com@gmail.com
     - Sign up for WA3COM e-mail reflector

Club Officers
     President: Bill Steffey, NY9H; ny9h@arrl.net
     Vice President: Joe Caldwell, N3XE; joe@n3xe.com
     Secretary: Randy Kief, KC3EKZ; randykie@comcast.net
     Treasurer: Norma Plants, N3YJJ; n3yjj@arrl.net

Board of Directors
     Director: Bob Fischer, KC3AJM; kc3ajm@outlook.com
     Director: Dennis Presky, K3PSP; dpresky@mra1.com
     Director: Bud Plants, N3TIR; bud@n3tir.com

Newsletter Editor
     Ken Frankenbery, AA3GM; ktfrank2@verizon.net

     Joe Caldwell, N3XE; joe@n3xe.com

VE Liaison
     Bob Kinnear, KI4DHB; ki4dhb@yahoo.com

EMCOMM Training Officer
     Brad McCarrell, KC3EDQ; brad_m1@verizon.net

Club Elmers
     DX Contest - Bill Sheehan, KB3LIX; kb3lix@comcast.net
     QSL & DX - Bill Steffey, NY9H; ny9h@arrl.net
     ARES & RACES - Bob Ketzell, KB3IN; kb3in@yahoo.com
     CW - Loren McCullough, WA3WZR; lorenmcc@verizon.net
     VHF - Craig Yoho, KB3RHR; craigyoho@consolenergy.com
     Repeaters - Dennis Presky, K3PSP; dpresky@mra1.com
     Websites - Joe Caldwell, N3XE; joe@n3xe.com
     Elmer Net - Bud Plants, N3TIR; bud@n3tir.com

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