President's Message June 2014

Hello Summer. Goodbye Friends.

As we end the month of June, it has been a terrible month for WACOM...we lost two of US. Hard to believe that Fay, KA3VOM and Denny, K8DKS are gone.

For quite a while I have known of the MANY contributions made by Fay to WACOM. VOM was about as active a member as possible. She attended ALL the meetings, ran our 10 meter net, also ran the YL net on the repeater. She was a major player at the Hamfest, (how does one spell PIES). Fay was a special lady. And that was only her radio activities. Her WACOM activity was exceeded, hard to believe, by her church contributions. We already miss ya.

Then Denny K8DKS. I thought I knew a bit about Denny, but I knew little until we went to his service to see Debbie KD8KAC. DKS was another individual that let no grass grow under his feet. The assemblage of photos depicted many different aspects of his life. Family & Family and then country music and more. He was not just "into" country, he was IN it...playing & enjoying the friendships with some very famous Country names.

There are so many different aspects of our WACOM members, as we are quite the diverse group. Our WACOM consists of us, nothing more.

73, Bill Steffey, NY9H/3

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Field Day Results

    Class: 5A
    CW QSOs:
    Digital QSOs:
    Phone QSOs:
    Total QSOs:
    Total Score:
    Class: 5A
    CW QSOs: 752
    Digital QSOs: 209
    Phone QSOs: 820
    Total QSOs: 1781
    Total Score: 6940
    Class: 4A
    CW QSOs: 338
    Digital QSOs: 145
    Phone QSOs: 974
    Total QSOs: 1457
    Total Score: 5056
    Class: 5A
    CW QSOs: 621
    Digital QSOs: 254
    Phone QSOs: 662
    Total QSOs: 1537
    Total Score: 6454
    Class: 4A
    CW QSOs: 322
    Digital QSOs: 118
    Phone QSOs: 813
    Total QSOs: 1253
    Total Score: 4736
    Class: 4A
    CW QSOs: 364
    Digital QSOs: 131
    Phone QSOs: 517
    Total QSOs: 1014
    Total Score: 4350
    Class: 3A
    Total QSOs: 926
    Total Score: 3550

    Class: 4A
    Total QSOs: 1015
    Total Score: 4118

    Class: 4A
    Total QSOs: 704
    Total Score: 3290

    Class: 3A
    Total QSOs: 586
    Total Score: 2632

    Class: 5A
    Total QSOs: 380
    Total Score: 1372

    Class: 5A
    Total QSOs: 371
    Total Score: 1652

    Class: 2A
    Total QSOs: 232
    Total Score: 686

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